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    James is Ready To Bring You Joy Healing Hands Special Touch

    There are so many massage therapist for you to choose from, each offering something different that you considering the therapy you need, make sure you choose the therapist is skilled and educated in order to help you to satisfy your personal and special needs. I pride myself to the excellence only and there is no "average" in my lexicon, but the "best." Your mental and emotional satisfaction is my highest priority. I am a student at New York University and sometimes do have a free time to share my knowledge in different areas of expertise. Massaging was and still my passion to discover a detailed areas of your body and to demonstrate my special touch to your relief of daily stressed job chorus you are facing and strive to have your moment of satisfaction. Please text, since is the most convenient way to communicate with me. Since, taking a call during the lecture time would not justify my moral ethics.

    Stats & Background

    Age:  24

    Race:  White

    Height:  6'1" (185cm)

    Weight:  170 - 190 lbs (77 - 86 kg)

    Hair Color:  Light Brown

    Eye Color:  Brown

    Body Type:  Athletic Build

    Piercings:  No

    Tattoos:  No

    Smoker:  No

    Languages:  English, Other

    Years of Experience:  2

    Setup & Facilities

    SETUP: Bed, Floor, Mat


    Total Reviews:  0

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